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Animal Farm – George Orwell Review

                  A drunken man on a train saw me reading this and then went on to discuss with me the effect that this books ideology had on his real life, his none-book-related life. This is where Animal Farm finds it’s market. It revolves around questions, and provokes interaction. The characters are brilliant, you sympathise with them, you want them to do well. They are also well-rounded, you can see their flaws and they are realistic. Yes, their animals, but aren’t we all? It is an emotional roller-coaster, and just because the book ends doesn’t mean the story has to. It has been a while since I read the book, but the memory of how it made me perceive the world remains, and I think that is a mark of a great literary experience. Plus, you can read it to your children and they will love it, rarely does a book have that charm, for both adults and children. Orwell is a pure literary and political genius! That is all there is to know.

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