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The Enemies Project North x North West Poetry Tour

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

February Saturday 11th - Liverpool: Everyman Playhouse

Featuring Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne / Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks / SJ Fowler & Nathan Walker / Patricia Farrell & Joanne Ashcroft / Raif Mansell & Yessica Klein / Chloe Spicer & Harry Man / Seán Hewitt & Helen Tookey / Andrew Taylor & Dave Spittle / Devon Forrester-Jones & Raphaella Davies / Ailbhe Darcy & JT Welsch / Christopher Stephenson & Natasha Borton / Eleanor Rees & Steve Boyland

The Enemies Project North x North West Poetry Tour

The Enemies Project is about poetry in collaboration - across the arts, across languages and nations, across the form, style, and content - a multifarious, multidisciplinary but essentially cogent program of events, exhibitions, tours, and publications that provide the grounding to comprehensively explore the notion of collaboration in a contemporary, active, innovative realm of poetry. Across the globe, over 500 poets, artists, photographers, and musicians have participated in over 200 events, in over fifty cities, in twenty-one countries and there is much much more to come.

The Enemies project is about the possibilities of poetry in collaboration.

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