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Voicebox Wxm

Voicebox is a community arts organisation based in Wrexham, North Wales that platform artists in the community and our community in the arts. 

   In 2020, I became the Artistic Director and host for Voicebox Wxm, and program a series of events throughout the year including our monthly open mic, host touring artists, and partnership events. We facilitate a schedule of events throughout the year including micro-commissions, workshops, and facilitating artists in the community, and our touring collective, 'Voicebox Collective' is an evolving showcase of local artists who tour national festivals and events. 

    As the Artistic Director, I'm looking at developing the platform to provide opportunities for artists across Wales as well as provide more opportunities for creativity in the local community. 

    Find out more about Voicebox Wxm and how to get involved through our website,


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