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Throughout the year I deliver a series of workshops in the community in a variety of mediums including:

  • Creative Writing including Spoken Word, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Scriptwriting

  • Literary crafts including Zine workshops, and anthologies

  • Music from community music groups, songwriting, group music sessions 

  • Performance art 

These workshops are designed to expand creative horizons and engage community groups with the arts to benefit wellbeing, expression or use art as a tool for social change. 

I also deliver workshops and information sessions on industry standards, community art facilitation, marketing, and community advocacy. 

For more details, or to discuss a workshop please email

Past workshops

Upcoming workshops

Previously I've delivered workshops for a variety of groups and age ranges including: National Theatre Wales TEAM, Youth Art Network Cymru, Wrexham County Borough Council, Flintshire County Borough Council, Coleg Cambria, One Love Choir, KIM Inspire, and Advance Brighter Futures, 

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