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Of the Earth

Of the Earth is a part of the National Theatre Wales Located Residencies 2019 - 2020. 

In collaboration with Melys Edwards, the project questions how we might preserve a sense of positive Welsh identity as we progress to more ecologically sustainable modes of living. The residency has made connections with North Wales Mining Community, exploring the local history and influence of mining culture on our present and future communities. In particular, we have focused on the rhetoric and rhythm of protest and collective action, drawing comparisons between the 1983/1984 Miners Strikes and the current Climate Change protests across the world. 

Other artists involved with this project include Chantal Williams (Producer), Anastacia Ackers, Isabella Crowther and Oliver Stephen.

NTW Located Residency

Located Residencies are Creative Development projects which give exciting artists an opportunity to lead on the early development of a new idea for performance, which is embedded in a specific location in Wales. Read about 2020’s other Located Residencies here.

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